August 19, 2009

Talbotts impress opposing coach with effort

Centerville High School found a way to beat rival Wayne - home of U-M commitments Terrance Talbott and Terry Talbott - last fall. Coach Ron Ullery's option offense neutralized the brothers by simply avoiding them altogether …

That is not an entirely easy thing to do. Terrance, 5-10, 172 pounds, mans cornerback for the Warriors while Terry, 6-4, 265 pounds, plays on the defensive line. However, Ullery directed the majority of his team's rush attempts to the side of the field opposite Terrance and relied on his quarterback's common sense to evade Terry.

"We only throw about 10 times a game - sort of like Georgia Tech's offense - so we really eliminated Terrance as a defensive playmaker," Ullery said. "Still, he's a guy, from watching tape on them and from seeing them throughout the past few years, that finds a way to make plays. He's a very skilled player.

"It's a little harder to avoid his brother but I always tell our quarterback to find him before the snap and then to send the fake his way and put the ball into the hole where Terry is not. Most of the time that works.

"I couldn't imagine having to line up a pro-style offense that ran right at him. You'd need to dedicate two or three blockers on every play just to have a shot at defending him."

Ullery calls Terry "someone you can't block in high school" and compares the three-star talent to Wayne alumnus, and current redshirt freshman Spartan, Jerel Worthy. The 6-3, 292-pounder lists second on the Michigan State depth chart entering the 2009 season.

"Terry is very active, and I think his best football is ahead of him," Ullery said. "Jerel Worthy was an outstanding player for Wayne and was someone you simply had to game plan for at this level, and Terry is the same way. He plays so hard.

"That's really what stands out to me about both kids; just how hard they play. They have talent, loads of it, but they don't rely on their talent to be successful. They truly bring their 'A' games to every game I've ever coached against them or seen [on film]."

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